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Lord Andrew Webber, Lady Webber and Director of the Israel Lovell Foundation, Trevor Prescod.
Lord Andrew Webber, Lady Webber and Director of the Israel Lovell Foundation, Trevor Prescod.

The Israel Lovell Foundation on My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael, has found an internationally renowned patron.

He is British composer and impresario of musical theatre, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.

And earlier today, Lord Lloyd Webber visited the foundation to present a cheque for ‚15,000 to officials of that cultural and community organisation.

Lord Lloyd Webber, who was awarded the prestigious 2012 UK Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award of ‚15,000 in recognition of his long-term and outstanding support and dedication to the performing arts, decided to donate it to a charity organisation of his choice and he chose, the Israel Lovell Foundation.

After viewing a video production of some of the foundation’s work, the Britton told the gathering it was a great joy for him to present the cheque to a group that has produced such wonderful work over the years.

He pointed out that what he had just seen was the kind of work he enjoyed being a part of.

Lord Andrew Webber said he does similar work in very deprived areas of the country where education has not been taken as seriously as it ought to be.

He told his audience that there was a school in the UK where every child was given a violin and taught to play it before they were taught mathematics.

moneyforisraellovellLord Lloyd Webber however gave the assurance that having been taught the violin at that early stage of their lives, the children seemed to master their studies in mathematics.

He noted that based on what he had seen in the video presentation, a similar approach had been adopted by the Israel Lovell Foundation.

Asked to comment on his future plans, Lord Lloyd Webber said he was working on a musical which would be going into rehearsals towards the end of the year and early next year.

He said the musical would be about the downfall of Dr. Stephen Ward who was involved in the Profumo Scandal of the early 1960s in the United Kingdom.

He pointed out that it would be quite different from anything he had done before. While acknowledging that he was “a new boy on the block”, Lord Lloyd Webber said he has been visiting Barbados every Christmas and the New Year over the past 10 years and he would like to work with such groups as the Israel Lovell Foundation.

The prominent UK citizen, who owns a home in Barbados, obtained a knighthood in 1992, followed by a peerage from Queen Elizabeth for services to music, seven Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards and an Academy Award, among many others. (NC)

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