Dev: Time for Tendulkar to go

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev
Former Indian captain Kapil Dev

ABU DHABI – Former Indian captain Kapil Dev has urged batting great Sachin Tendulkar, whom he believes is well past his best, to take retirement from international cricket, adding the master blaster could be a great ambassador for cricket post retirement.

Dev said the important stage of Tendulkar’s career was over, adding he was now at the end of his career and one should appreciate that he was not going to play the way he used to.

Dev noted that even if Tendulkar scored three consecutive centuries his thoughts won’t change about him, adding one had to know that age was not just a number and it didn’t matter how much passion you had, one couldn’t stay so long as to block the progress of others.

Dev said this was not just about Tendulkar, but life in general, adding the Little Master could be a great ambassador of the game like Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid.

The former all rounder further added in order to get the best out of retirement one could give back after it as well and Tendulkar must move on and beautiful things would happen to him, adding he wished him luck, comfort and happiness because he had given so much to Indian and world cricket that it was unbelievable and unparalleled but he must move on.

Dev added if one had other things going on in one’s life, then retirement was not so difficult, adding the word retirement was a painful phrase and even he used to feel it when people used to refer to him as ‘retired Kapil Dev’ at the age of 35.

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