CP alumni to the rescue

He who deserves it, let him wear it.

For many years thousands of students of the Coleridge & Parry School have repeated this statement and it can be said that many more, through their pattern of behaviour have demonstrated that this declaration was more than just another school motto.

So when a former old scholar, Rommel Iceman Trotman, his girlfriend and two young children lost all their possessions in a fire at his†Lakes Folly the City home, without hesitation the Coleridge & Parry Alumni Association came to their aid.

With the help of members of CPAA, $1,070 was raised, as well as food items, and presented to him†at†a presentation at the Ashton Hall St. Peter school on March 1.

President of CPAA, Harcliffe Gilkes, told Barbados TODAY that the association’s assistance would not end there. He said that on March 3O a fund raiser would he held at the Kings and Queens in Waterford, St. Michael and they were also planning other activities to ensure that “he is comfortable and he gets back on his feet as soon as possible”. “Our aim is to help to support students both past and present, not only in times of good but also in their times of need,” said Gilkes.

Stating that Trotman and his family were presently housed with relatives, he asked that all CPians come out and lend support to the Iceman. (KC)

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