Victory for WICB

Justice Ricky Rahim rules in favour of the WICB.
Justice Ricky Rahim rules in favour of the WICB.

The West Indies Cricket Board today won its High Court battle in Trinidad and Tobago against the West Indies Players’ Association over the use of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding (CBA/MOU) between the board and players.

The dispute over the CBA/MOU came to a head last year when the WICB attempted to terminate the agreements, with WIPA arguing that unilateral termination of the agreement would leave the players unprotected.

WIPA successfully sought an injunction to stop the WICB from terminating the CBA/MOU, meaning the agreement would remain in place despite expiring in November last year.

The WICB had argued that although the agreement did not have a termination clause, a termination provision could be implied even though none was specifically stated, and that the CBA/MOU negotiated in 2005 was not intended to remain unchanged in perpetuity.

Today Justice Ricky Rahim dismissed WIPA’s claim and discharged the interim injunction order which had been made against the WICB on March 1, 2012. The court also ordered WIPA to pay WICB costs totalling approximately TT $900,000 (about US$150,000).

In a subsequent statement the WICB gave the assurance that the best interests of the players would remain paramount and said it intended to engage WIPA to chart the way forward.

For the WICB, today’s High Court decision marked its first victory over WIPA in an often tempestuous relationship.††

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