The truth in the Estimates

It has been said that “Truth is not for reading, it is not for hearing, it is not for learning, but rather, it is for experiencing and living. If you look for Truth in words, you will never find it”.

So what was the truth in the avalanche of words unleashed during the annual Estimates debate in the Barbados Parliament last week? Simply put, we have been experiencing the real truth and living it during the last five years never mind the previous or the new set of words.

And so we shall again await the experience (of truth) despite the promises of, “this year”, “next few months”, “soon”, “that close”, etc.

Many years ago the Caribbean Conference of Churches used to develop annually what was called “a goal budget”. In other words, what they hoped to get, mainly from donors. Now what the Government seems to have put into the estimates was just that — a goal.

It is a goal which, however, seems to give no credence to the negative performance of previous years’ “goals” despite their assertion that the negative outcome was as a result of a downturn in the global financial situation which may not have changed significantly. So what gives them confidence in a new higher goal?

Well, our search for truth shall be in living and experiencing what comes to us in the next few years not in the words of the Estimates or the Budget to come.

— Michael Rudder

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