Messengers of Peace

The Messengers of Peace is a World Scouting project created to capitalise on the success of the “Gifts for Peace” projects that were run during the centenary year of World Scouting. This initiative is a 10-year initiative for all the member countries of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement to involve individual Scouts as well as National Scout Organisations from all WOSM regions in peace-building activities.

The Messengers of Peace initiative has two approaches:

1. National Scouts Organisations and Associations as well as regional offices can apply for grants to fund activities in 5 areas: conflict dialogue training, support to young people in conflict zones, social entrepreneurship projects, capacity building and developing the network of Messengers of Peace.

2. Individual Scouts from all parts of the world are being challenged to undertake projects involving their Scout units or other groups from school, religious organisations or social organisations to make a significant difference within their community in areas of training in conflict resolution, intervention in conflict areas, inter-community or inter-ethnic communications and environment or community health interventions.

The Messengers of Peace programme has two main objectives:

1. To recognise the tremendous work done over many years by Scouts in favour of peace.

2. To support Scouts around the world to increase the impact of their work for peace – reaching more people, spreading their work to other districts, other regions or to other countries.

The Barbados Boy Scouts Association will in a few weeks seek to engage its Districts and Scout groups to be a part of this phenomenal programme. With the Commissioner for the Messenger of Peace in Barbados, Martin Taylor, being available to the Association’s membership, it is certain that many projects will soon surface.

Following our Fellow Scouts activities worldwide

Walk for Peace

In the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador, the Catholic Diocese organised a walk for peace, whereby all city parishes, institutions and associations marched through the city, asking for peace for their country and their city; Together, they sang and danced and walked in prayer.

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