Improving reading skills

tpetdeaconsprimaryreadingHaving decided to assist school children with the mastery of English, the Barbados Association of Social Workers last week presented Deacons Primary School with a gift of books.

Executive member Margaret Pollard explained that each year as part of World Social Work Day, the association tried to host an event of significance to the profession, be it a seminar, training workshop or other initiative.

This year however, she said the group had agreed to do something different that would still have impact on their aims, and as such having heard about the Reading Club started at Deacons Primary they decided to focus on that school in the first instance.

“It was just our way of giving back, while helping the school get the Reading Club up and running because we understood that that was a need the school had. So in addition to the books we presented, members will also be volunteering time and assisting the children with reading,” she stated.

“We have heard every year about the challenges children are having at the Common Entrance level where they are having problems reading and understanding and if we start from now and continue on then we can start to turn that around,” she said.

The executive member said as well that while this was the first time this new executive had undertaken such an initiative, it would not be the last. She said they were examining the possibility of making similar donations to other schools based on their needs as well to continue the drive to improve English and comprehension. (LB)

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