A team with talent

operationariseWhen The Influential Dancerz and the Lejend Band came together this weekend, it was to present Operation Arise, a veritable treat of local entertainment at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed.

Aptly named, the event brought together some of the best dancers, young and upcoming singers, musicians and dramatic artists for a night that will not soon be forgotten.

The youngsters who performed, whether they were members of the Influential Dancerz, the Lejend Band, N3W Motion, Dancin’ Africa or LRG, the action was on point and energetic — a true tribute to the hope for performing arts in the country.

After the impressive Waka Waka number by N3W Motion and the Influential Dancerz, Lichae Downes took to the stage to show how Price Tag is supposed to be performed, but was quickly replaced by a number of other dance groups and individuals, interspersed with drama.

Executive Producer of the event, Catherine Best-Cumberbatch noted that it was a way of supporting local talent, while allowing youth the opportunity to showcase their best.

“Operation Arise is about our young people rising above the negativity within our society whilst highlighting the positive things that they do despite the constant bashing that is heralded at them daily.

“[It] provides an opportunity for them to showcase their immense talent through the art of dance, music, song and drama,” she said.

The evening showcased a drama depicting some of the real life experiences that occur within society, performed by the members of Influential Dancerz and N3W Motion. The script was written by Zico John and directed by Tony Thompson, said Best-Cumberbatch who also manages the Lejend Band, Influential Dancerz, N3W Motion Dancers and Torian Smith. (LB)

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