Working together towards one goal

by Leigh-ann Worrell

everybodypaddles“There are those who paddle with drive and purpose, those who paddle no matter how rough the waters of life may be, and thankfully, those who recognise that we not only paddle for ourselves but for those who are not able to paddle.”

-Gregory O. Smiley, “Every Day, Everywhere for Everybody … I am a Sum of my Family” in Everybody Paddles

Moving in unison towards the same goal, with the right people aboard is an idea close to the heart of Charles Archer.

And using the example of white water rafting, a sport he enjoys, he has brought together a collection of stories that shows how effective connections can be highly beneficial in his debut book, Everybody Paddles.

This son of a Barbadian father believed the Caribbean could learn a lot from example, asserting the region could be better placed if it worked as one.

“The Caribbean region could be better if every country worked, partnered, if every country worked together and tapped into their resources…,” Archer said to Barbados TODAY in the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

“Everybody paddles towards the same goal in the same direction. In essence, in every part of our lives, we should be working and partnering with people that will make a significant impact in our lives.”

Archer, who is also the chief executive officer of the Evelyn Douglin Centre for Serving People in Need Inc, a not-for-profit aimed at supporting children and families dealing with developmental challenges, said he had the vision for the book last January. The self-published work was finished by the end of that year.

From reverends to real estate magnates, the collection of 14 stories were garnered from a variety of people in Archer’s life.

“These people have been able to get success because of other people,” he explained.

Archer also believed the same should be done in his life.

“It is important that my life is more than just me. I believe that I am going to live a good life, and good deeds without work does not fulfil much. I believe that my life should be a contribution to society. I could be rich and I could get wealthy but who have I improved? Who has become better because of me? Those things have always been important for me…”

The book will be “marketed towards everyone” who wants to do something positive in their lives. As such, he has been promoting Everybody Paddles at the Accra Beach Hotel, People’s Cathedral, CITA Radio as well as a book signing at Pages.

In New York, social media and close networks have been the focus of marketing efforts, with hopes of expanding to Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC.

“The movement is not just local, it is international,” Archer asserted.

The author was looking to producing 10 editions of Everybody Paddles, each to be released every November. Archer was also thinking about dabbling in fiction.

“It allows me to use my imagination differently. It allows me to tell my own experiences in a fictional atmosphere and not be too personal,” he said.

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