Push healthy lifestyles

Dr. Dale Springer
Dr. Dale Springer

The healthier the employee, the wealthier the organisation.

That was the assessment of Dr. Dale Springer, who was the featured speaker last evening at the 69th Annual General Conference of the National Union of Public Workers, emphasising that smart business leaders needed to recognise this. Speaking to the theme Health and Wellness-The Key to a Productive Workforce, he said that individuals who were physically healthy and possessed low levels of work-related stress tend to miss fewer days of work and were more productive.

Noting also that the health and wellness of these workers could essentially affect the “bottom line” of a company, Springer said hence there was a need for directors to create programmes to encourage healthy lifestyles among their workers. To contribute to the wellness of the staff, the doctor recommended that companies should insist that there were healthy food options available in vending machines and cafeterias on the premises.

Another area was through organising activities at various gyms and recreational facilities for their members to encourage them to be more physically active.

Departments could also organise sports tournaments that would not only inspire movement but boost morale and camaraderie as well among all employees, he advised. (KC)

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