NexCyx riding high

NexCyx in Cognac France
NexCyx in Cognac France

Ryan Seacrest’s search for the best has catapulted some of the island’s most talented onto the world stage once again.

Band NexCyx is way ahead in the semifinals of the Best Maroon 5 Cover contest on Seacrest’s website, amassing 64.31 per cent of the votes by Friday morning. Joanna Burns’ cover of Harder to Breathe was a distant second, with 16.69 votes. Semifinals end on March 26 at 11:59 p.m.

The band’s funky, upbeat cover of Moves Like Jagger was handpicked by Seacrest for this competition. Set in a recording studio, the simple black and white video also showed the band’s fun dance moves, magnetic energy, as well as Mahalia Phillips’ smooth flow of rhymes.

NexCyx copped second place in round two of the contest, garnering 36.1 per cent of the overall votes. The Best Maroon 5 Cover contest forms part of March Music Madness, which also includes other cover competitions, featuring the works of Beyonce and Taylor Swift among others.

Front-woman Mahalia Phillips asserted the exposure, “which came as a surprise” to the band, would be utilised fully.

“NexCyx doesn’t take this opportunity lightly at all. Ryan Seacrest is a pioneer in entertainment, host of American Idol and one of the United States’ leading radio talk show icons. We appreciate the exposure this has given us — and our country, Barbados,” she told Bajan Vibes.

Local fans have been riding along on the wave of Seacrest’s promotion, encouraging friends to vote via links to the page posted on Twitter and Facebook.

This is not the first time NexCyx has been involved in an international competition, however. In 2010, the local band and its club banger Gossip Girl made the final round of CW’s Making the Cut.

As the band reaches a decade since its creation, bassist Kris Clarke noted NexCyx will continue to hone its skills as it worked towards pushing its music even further onto the world stage.

“Recently, we’ve been shifting our focus to becoming more of a global music brand and sharpening our craft. We are excited about where NexCyx is heading, especially after receiving amazing feedback from shows in France, The Grenadines and Nashville, within the past year.” (LW)

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