Minister Sinckler questions closure of Molyneaux well

estimates2013owenchrisWith Hansard records in hand, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler caused a stir in the House of Assembly this afternoon. The point of contention was the closure of the Molyneaux well in Holder’s Hill, St. James more than a decade ago.

He read from an Opposition Budget reply from David Thompson in 2004 that brought up questions about the $9 million resale of a property in Holders Hill, St. James. Based on the documents, which both Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and colleague Kerrie Symmonds called to be rejected, Sinckler came to the conclusion that there was a connection between the closure of the Molyneaux well and the reclassification of the property from zone one to two.

“Now you can begin to understand the relationships, why decisions might have been made and why it is that one individual could not secure permission and the other could…,” he stated emphatically.

The issue was brought up by then Prime Minister Owen Arthur earlier in the day. Raising the point of order, Symmonds asserted the document was “purely conjecture that is tantamount to hearsay,” while Mottley claimed Sinckler was “misleading the House with the document” and perverting the process that had already occurred.

Chairman of the House allowed Sinckler to continue.

Sinckler said he believed the decisions made in the past had a bearing on the West Coast’s water supply.

“The people of Barbados demand to know why the land was changed from zone one to zone two, why the Molyneaux well was closed? Was it closed to facilitate the change? Or as a result of the change? Who or what prompted the Water Authority to act in 1997, after a stout rejection of an application in 1996?” Sinckler continued. (LW)

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