Infants’ delight

tpetedenlodgedanceSweet calypso they wanted and sweet calypso they got; as well as jazz, ska, gospel, soca, spouge, and ragga soca.

All in all it was a big party at the Eden Lodge Nursery School in Eden Lodge, St. Michael this morning as the school culminated the term-long activities under the theme: Festival and Music of Barbados.

Popular local artists like: Blood, Richard Stoute, RPB, Carlos Cobham, Marisa Lindsay and Crystal Cummins-Beckles took time out of their busy schedules to entertain the tots and be apart of the celebrations.

All the performances were very exciting and having no inhibitions at all the young ones made their pleasure very visible. Some of them aided RPB in his rendition of Something’s Happening, kept perfect timing for Lindsay as she performed Take 5 and sat with eyes glued to Cummins-Beckles as she rendered Get On Your Knees and Pray and Fly On The Wall.†

All due respect to Blood, but it was hilarious to see many of the three- and four-year-olds knew the words to his infectious 2010 hit Foot On Fire, better than the man himself and they were very proud to make it known, in some cases†boldly taking his microphone to sing-along. They were also privileged to be the first audience to see him perform his 2013 Crop-Over offering Mo Fiya, which was well received.

The Eden Lodge Nursery Dance Troop too got in on the festivities. Amidst the roaring screams of their peers they performed African-styled dances to Rupee’s I Am A Bajan plus Aware Africa by Spice and Company. With little rehearsal time for these pieces they showed their teachers how a†true dance was done, some attempted but they could not reach the standard the children set.

Other activities this term included the children taking a trip to the Holetown Festival; they were visited by the Royal Barbados Police Force band, learnt how to grind sugar cane and on Wednesday the Oistins Festival was brought to the school in the form of limbo dancer, Cheryle Grazette, and videos were showed†for them to see the various activities that occur there at festival time. (KC)

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