Hart willing to return to T&T

Calder Hart.
Calder Hart.

FLORIDA – Former Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) executive chairman Calder Hart says he has no intention of skipping out on any proceedings against him in Trinidad and Tobago.

Hart spoke exclusively to the Express in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA last Friday.

“As soon as I know when I am required to be back I will be back,” Hart said.

So the authorities have been talking to you, yes or no? the Express asked.

“No, my lawyers have been talking. The matter is obviously before the courts so we’re dealing with it and I respect the judge’s wishes and when I have to be back I will be back,” Hart replied.

The man who spent years in Trinidad and Tobago in charge of the State’s most powerful companies and who eventually became the centre of the Uff Commission of Enquiry into UDeCOTT and its projects says life now is good in the Sunshine State of Florida.

“Obviously it’s long distance but I have a child to educate.”

It’s been three years and two weeks since Hart made a quick and quiet exit from Trinidad and Tobago.

His quick exit from Trinidad in March 2010 aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight with his family occurred with advance knowledge of his strongest defender – then prime minister Patrick Manning.

It was the peak of a series of allegations about the way he steered UDeCOTT – the country’s most powerful special purpose company under the former PNM government.

The final report of the UFF Commission of Enquiry was then just coming to light. (Express)

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