Workers ordered back to work

PORT OF SPAIN — Petrotrin workers were ordered back to work last night, after lawyers representing the state-owned company won an injuction against the OWTU at the Industrial Court in Port-of-Spain.

The company took the action as it faces an estimated $700 million in gross revenue losses since the workers’ strike started last Tuesday.

A statement from Petrotrin’s head of corporate communications, Gillian Friday, confirmed Petrotrin had applied to the Industrial Court for an Order against the OWTU last Monday.

“The application was in respect of the commission of an industrial relations offence contrary to Section 63 (1) of the Industrial Relations Act (IRA) by taking industrial action not in conformity with Part V of the Act,” the release said.

During an interview on Monday, Petrotrin chairman Khalid Hassanali said the company could not pay $145 million in profit sharing to workers because they did not make a profit in 2009-2010. He said Petrotrin conformed to international accounting practices so there is no truth to the union allegation that the accounting audit was tampered with to show a loss. (Guardian)

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