Undecided music video released

Undecided is officially a music video.

The song, which was produced by Chris Allman and written by Justin Ward and Yannick Hooper, took Crop-Over 2012† by storm. Hooper is now hoping that this video will set the tone for the “surprises” and “big projects” he has in store fans this year.

Last Friday, a teaser of the video was released and the concept goes like this: The 21-year-old gets a new job as a security guard at a plant. He is warned by his supervisor that strange things happen there at night. The supervisor told him that the guard prior to him one night disappeared without a trace.

“Go into any room but this one,” he told him.

Despite this, he made his way to the door, opens it and curiosity kills the cat… or did it?

For more you will have to watch the actual video but those who had only seen the trailer are already raving about, Hooper told Bajan Vibes.

“People are saying they love the music video, it is nothing short of amazing, it has sparked even more excitement. Initially people said it was too late to bring out a music video from last year but I don’t see my work as seasonal. The music video is usually the last piece of the puzzle and if you give people everything one time there is nothing else for them to look forward to.

“What I do is I try to follow the international trends and the trend is artists usually release songs for their hits because the visual is often very important†or sometimes even more important as a tool to get yourself out to the public,” he said. The video was directed and scripted by Darin Holder of Stronghold Entertainment. It is eight minutes long and meant to be a short film, similar to that of most Michael Jackson videos, so Hooper, who is also a theatre arts student at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at the University of the West Indies, said to expect a great element of theatre and good acting because the video has an actual story line.

The video is expected to be sent off†to music stations like: Tempo, Synergy, to St. Lucia and as he said, “to anywhere that it can possibly go”. (KC)

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