The pregnancy diaries

pregnancydiaryFor the next two months, you can follow the exercise experiences of first time mum-to-be, 26-year-old Jannelle Shallow. After getting her doctor’s approval she signed up for the class and will be sharing her story.

Dear Diary, I attended my second prenatal class on Saturday, March 16th with Renee Crichlow at Mum-me 2 B. After my first class my legs were really sore but I continued doing the same exercises at home and that really helped. This week I made it to class late somehow I got the times mixed up … guessing that’s all a part of pregnancy. I was very concerned about how my trainer would take this, however when I got there she was all smiles and welcomed me as usual, that made me feel a whole lot better.

After the way she greeted me I felt a lot more relaxed and ready to workout. We went straight into various exercises – band row, some cardio and birth squats. You remember those right? That’s when we’re working in the squat position from the all fours position which is helpful both as a preparation for delivery and as labour position for helping the baby to decend.

We also did the C-curve and hiss/compress which I wrote about the first time. These are done to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle (deep core muscle) and the rectus abdominal muscles (abs). These exercises will help to prevent separating of the rectus abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), prepare the muscles for pushing and for recovery of the torso and abdomen from the stresses of pregnancy.

I must admit doing the exercises this time was much easier and as usual Renee made the class fun.

This week you will see a video of what was done at class. This video includes birth squats, C-curve, band row and cardio workout. Hope you ENJOY it!!!

Despite the late start I still enjoyed the class thanks to my patient and understanding trainer. Really looking forward to the next class!!!

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