Simon Pipe releases album

Another Barbadian artist has crossed the barrier of sound recording and production with the release of a full length studio album. Simon Pipe debuted Ya Probably Shouldn’ta this month, an 18-track disc in high gloss, environmentally-friendly packaging.

The CD packaging is made with all vegetable inks, minimal plastics, biodegradable and recyclable packaging in 100 per cent accordance with the Green Forestry Practices Board using 10 per cent recycled content.

Of his decision to present the album in an ecologically compatible casing, Pipe says “I wanted to create a high quality product that stuck to what I consider socially responsible standards.”

Ya Probably Shouldn’ta is a compilation of pop ballads with reggae undertones, refreshingly honest musings from a young Barbadian artist. Featured tracks include the already released to radio Come Close, Revolution Beat and Barbwire with Damian Marvay.

On his reason for the album’s title, Pipe declares, “Everybody can think of some thing they probably shouldn’t have done … hopefully buying the album is not one of them!”

Recorded and produced locally with Pipe acting as a “one man band”, playing almost every instrument and recording his own vocals, it is slated to soon appear in retail outlets island wide.

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