Rupee to release new album in July

The fans have been calling for a new album and international recording artist, Rupee has heard them.

The Tempted to Touch singer is set to release his new album in July this year.

Having not released an album in some six years he told Bajan Vibes he was very excited about it, thus far. At this point, he said, he had much material and a pool of about 22 songs to choose from, adding that he and his people were creatively deciding on which direction they should take the album. Nonetheless Rupee fans can be assured that they will be pleased.

Though not wanting to give too much away, he said, it will have a very heavy reggae influence, soca will play a big part as well as influences from many places he has travelled. Some of the tracks will feature, “the best artists in soca from the region and will definitely have a few collaborations with local artists,” he revealed.

Cognisant of his responsibilities and the impact his music could make on society and as a father of two, a role model, and a man trying to instill morals and values into his children, don’t expect to hear slack, “skin pooch” tracks on this album. Not known for singing those type of materials which were degrading or reflected negatively on women this entertainer will be pushing an element of positivity throughout the album.

With the phenomenal response to I Am A Bajan last year the former lead singer of the defunct Colishun band, said initially he wanted to produce an album in 2012, however, scheduling became a major obstacle. Having said that, now that he has officially parted ways with Atlantic Records this year he can now concentrate on his primary focus of giving the fans what they want.

“I’m no longer in a situation [of] being attached to a major label and having them basically being in control and also waiting on them as opposed to being proactive. I’ve travelled the world, seen both sides of the fence, I was independent before I got signed… my relationship with Atlantic was nothing but positive up to this day but the business is a business.”

Major labels have downsized and they have been losing money significantly over the years and me being from the Caribbean I had to realise I was not a priority. So based on what I have learnt from being with them, going to MIDEM [the International Media Conference and Trade show] and being in this business for most of my life I think that being an independent is the best way for me to go,” he said.

For all those naysayers, who believe that one could only have success as a result of being signed to a label company, Rupee told Bajan Vibes this was “absolute nonsense and one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry”. So 2013 and beyond for him will be about empowering himself as an artist and utilising all the available resources to get his music directly to fans.

“You have to be in-tuned with what is happening in the world today, we used to rely very heavily on major labels and record companies in getting our music out to the masses and the world, before it was literally impossible if we didn’t go through that channel but the reason why a lot of major labels are downsizing and failing and coming together for financial reasons is because now more than ever it is easier for artists and independents to get their music out to the masses,” he said.

“You can now get your music out to millions of people across the world on iTunes,Amazon,Xbox within 24 to 48 hours and if you put that song up there for 99 cents you can get 70 cents from the sale of that song, if you do it through a major label you are likely to get eight cents or 10 cents.

“I must add however, that even though these resources are available not everyone is going to be successful with it. Actually you have to be well versed in marketing and advertising, you have to put some kind of team behind you if you are not prepared to do a one man show. You have to go in it with some type of understanding and a strategic plan. It doesn’t say that just because I can get my music on iTunes, I’m going to sell a million copies but if you do it right and you do it with the available resources rather than depending on a major label from the beginning you can set yourself up independently and then collaborate with a major label,” he advised. (KC)††

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