Prison officers threaten walk-out

NASSAU — Several prison officers at Her Majesty’s Prisons yesterday threatened to abandon their duties if the prison’s management did not immediately address an overflowing sewer problem in the maximum security wing of the facility, Prison Staff Association President Gregory Archer said yesterday.

Archer claimed the problem has persisted for three weeks and management has not taken the necessary steps to prevent it.

It is just the latest infrastructural problem at the prison, which has been plagued with issues ranging from a lack of drinking water to a gaping hole in the roof of the maximum security wing.

“Flooded walkways where officers cannot get to their stations to work is just unacceptable,” Archer said.

“My phone is actually ringing off the hook. Officers are irate and they are tired of it, and they are saying they are not coming to work, not in those conditions.

“This needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible because we can’t have staff working in that type of environment and if an inmate gets sick it reflects right back on us.”

When The Nassau Guardian contacted the prison a management representative could not be reached.

Archer said workmen from the Water and Sewerage Corporation visited the prison and attempted to clear some of the sewer lines, but the problem has not been resolved.

“We must admit that the facility is an old one so the sewer problem is an existing one, but now it is getting worse,” he said. “It needs to be addressed before we have an outbreak or any sickness among the staff or inmates.” (Nassau Guardian)

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