Not under house arrest

warner’s eldest son denies being confined to living quarters in the us

PORT OF SPAIN — Daryan Warner, the eldest son of National Security Minister Jack Warner, has dismissed speculation that he is under house arrest in the United States.

However, he has steadfastly refused to comment on if he is the subject of any investigation by federal authorities there.

Warner, 47, spoke to the Express in an exclusive interview at his penthouse suite in Miami, Florida, where we tracked him down last Wednesday.

“You want to see an ankle bracelet on, an ankle here and an ankle there. Outside I would show you I not under house arrest, but I not speaking to the media,” he said, standing in the doorway to his penthouse suite, acknowledging the rumours swirling around him before the Express could pose the first question.

He raised his long, navy blue track pants above his ankles, as though to demonstrate that his movements were not restricted by a tracking bracelet – the technology frequently used by US authorities to monitor a person’s whereabouts.

In the last few months there have been rumours that the son of a government minister was under house arrest in the United States. Those reports prompted the media to ask Minister Warner on February 20 whether either of his sons, Daryan or Darryl Warner, had been detained abroad.

“If you think they are detained, there is a simple way – call them and find out if you have their numbers. But I will not say anything until somebody is bold enough to print something or to say something,” an indignant Warner responded.

Following the story

Seeking answers to a story that continues to churn the rumour mill, the Express took the National Security Minister’s offer one step further and flew to Miami last week.

We found the Warner brothers at Unit 3504 of the Skyline condominium at 2101 Brickell Avenue in Miami.

The affluent neighbourhood on the outskirts of downtown Miami is dotted with upscale hotels, financial institutions and towering condominiums.

Getting inside the Skyline condo is a challenge for visitors, with a guard booth stationed at the top of the driveway.

Visitors can only be admitted after a resident gives clearance to the 24-hour security staff.

The Express posed as prospective buyers to gain access to the luxury building.

On the 35th floor, overlooking the yachts lining the Brickell Bay waterfront, Darryl (who is said to be about 36 years old) answered the door.

He wore a sleeveless vest and a pair of shorts – with no sign of an ankle bracelet.

He told us his elder brother Daryan was at the gym on one of the building’s lower floors.

The Express soon returned to the apartment after turning up empty-handed at the gym.

This time it was Daryan who answered the door. The Express started explaining to him what had brought us to his doorstep. (Express)

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