No bright future with DLP

estimates2013dalemarshallBarbados’ still election-minded Democratic Labour Party Government is offering the country a dim future instead of the brighter tomorrow the electorate voted for in last month’s general election.

St. Joseph MP Dale Marshall said while Barbadians gave Government another term in anticipation of improvements, it was clear the populace would be given more of the same — hardship and no progress.

The Barbados Labour Party representative, who is responsible for shadowing the Attorney General and matters related to the Royal Barbados Police Force, share these views yesterday during his contribution to the Estimates Debate in the House of Assembly.

“One would have anticipated that on fundamental issues … there would be some indication in the current Estimates to show Barbados where it is that we are going. I regret that I must conclude that this Estimates reminds me of a plane that is in holding pattern, it is unable to land, it cannot proceed to another destination and it just makes circles in the air but no progress,” he said.

“And I feel that these Estimates demonstrate clearly to the Barbadian public that the Democratic Labour Party is in the same holding pattern that they were in prior to the election and that exact same holding patter is going to be all that we can expect going forward.

“And we talk about bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle and a whole variety of very noble ideals, but the one thing … that governs our stay in this Chamber for however long or however short is that we must do all that we can to ensure the future of Barbadians. These Estimates fall very far short of those ideals,” he added.

Marshall reminded Government the election “is well over”, adding that “it does cause me some chagrin that the members of the Government side feel that the occasion is still upon us for speech after speech after speech that are exactly and entirely in the election mode”.

“Unfortunately while they may still be in the election mode, the people of Barbados are out of it and they have awakened in the post election period to prospects, Mr. Speaker, that are dimmer than ever and to hardships that everything on the horizon suggests, at least the medium term, will be increased,” he stated.

“History, whenever it is written and by whomever it is written, will make it quite clear that the last five years of the Democratic Labour Party administration would rank among the hardest years that Barbadians of the modern era have had to endure, and I believe that they all had anticipated that a new term would bring hope, would bring inspiration, but that has not been the case,

“It would have been our sincerest wish that even though we lost the election that we would have been entering a Parliament that, whatever its makeup, would have offered Barbadians what we promised them, a brighter tomorrow.

“A brighter tomorrow, Sir, does not belong to the Barbados Labour Party… The promise of a brighter tomorrow is not ours, we have no trademark and copyright on that notion. A promise of a brighter tomorrow, Sir, is something that every parliamentarian on either side should commit to because that is why we are here.” (SC)

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