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Jack’s son stays mum

Daryan Warner stands outside his Miami condo last week where he was interviewed by CCN senior multimedia investigative journalist Mark Bassant.

Daryan Warner stands outside his Miami condo last week where he was interviewed by CCN senior multimedia investigative journalist Mark Bassant.

PORT OF SPAIN — Daryan Warner, the eldest son of National Security Minister Jack Warner, has shied away from answering burning questions on rumours that started flying since last November.

The question he has however answered outrightly is whether he is under house arrest in the United States. He has denied it and lifted his pants to show he is not wearing an ankle bracelet that would have tracked his movements.

He is adamant he is in no way restricted from moving around, but is he allowed to leave the US?

Is he the subject of any investigation by US authorities?

He is silent on these questions.

Warner was content to prove to the Express that he was certainly not limited to the confines of the Skyline condo building in Miami, Florida, when we visited him last week.

And so he left in his BMW coupe as he agreed to meet at PF Chang’s, a restaurant, ten minutes away.

On arrival, Warner instead opted to visit a neighbouring bar. He calmly sauntered in and ordered a beer.

Leaning against the bar, Warner said if people were so interested in tracking his movements, they could have checked his credit card activity.

Air of secrecy

There has been an air of secrecy and mystery regarding what transpired – if anything at all – in Trinidad or in the US last year. That is when the rumour mill started churning.

For months, the Express has been attempting to collate solid information with supporting documents to verify rumours that were circulating. But hard, cold, documented facts were hard to come by. The reports that have floated to the top emanate from high-ranking intelligence sources here in Trinidad and the United States – but so far, the media have no proof.

Talk about financial transactions and other questionable dealings were not up for discussion with Daryan Warner, but he did say he felt the spotlight was unfairly targeted on him because of his father, Jack Warner.

“I am not a politician; for me to open an options trading account in the US, you have to declare, you have to go to compliance because my family member is a politician. What is the deal? You get rejected 90 per cent of the time. If my father wants to serve the country, work with people in Trinidad and Tobago, what does that have to do with me? Why am I accountable to anybody?” he asked. (Express)

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