Digital media symposium

The inclusion of the digital media mode of expression as a recognised form of Visual Arts continues to reshape the discipline, by creating new opportunities for the exposure and exportation of Barbadian work.

That is the one of the primary reasons behind the decision to have animation and app design feature prominently at the 2013 Cultural Industries Symposium billed e-CREATE Barbados says the National Cultural Foundation’s Senior Business Development Officer and Producer of the event, Alison Sealy-Smith.

The Symposium will be hosted by the NCF under the theme Finding your marketplace at the intersection of culture and technology and is scheduled to run from April 9 – 12 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

In discussing the thought behind the theme Sealy-Smith explained: “We recognise the importance of technology to the development and international export of culture and the arts. Visual artists are no longer limited to traditional media – the use of technology is becoming more and more prevalent and is even blurring the lines of distinction between artists these days – that is why we chose to make this blend of culture and technology a focal point for 2013.”

To open up these exciting possibilities to the local community, the Foundation has invited Brazilian curators and gallerists to Barbados to engage the artists and to have a firsthand look at their diverse collection of local art.

Brazil was selected as a natural niche market for this exercise because of their genuine interest in contemporary art, specifically digital media, plus their shared cultural traits and proximity to the island.

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