Corrupt cop arrested

KINGSTON — A police corporal and a civilian were arrested on Tuesday by members of the Anti-Corruption Branch in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

According to police reports, over two years ago the corporal arrested and charged a motorist for various breaches of the Road Traffic Act. While the matter was before the Court, the Corporal solicited and accepted a total of $52,000 on different occasions in order to falsify information to have the case thrown out.

It is alleged that the Corporal subsequently demanded an additional sum of $10,000, however, the complainant made a report to the ACB and a sting operation set up where the civilian was held after receiving the money on behalf of the Corporal.

While the civilian was in the custody of the police he was contacted by the corporal who made an arrangement to retrieve the money.

Another sting operation was set up at the LOJ Shopping Complex in Spanish Town, where the corporal was held after collecting the sum of $10,000 from the civilian, the police say. (Observer)

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