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worldwaterday2013showcasetoolsSay Water Day in the park and immediately images of swimsuits, super-soakers and other gear associated with wet frolic pop to mind.

Today however, while the park was certainly filled with excited school children and other patrons, what they were soaking up was the activities of the Barbados Water Authority and its affiliates.

The occasion was the authority’s annual showcase that falls within Water Week, when the organisation and its other related institutions, including Ionics Fresh Water (desalination plant) and the various sewerage facilities, take the opportunity to showcase what they do as well as educate the public on the do’s and don’ts.

In days like these when rain is short, tips like water conservation and efficient use prove most educational for the public. Today, even more exciting than the virtual trip through the Bridgetown Sewerage and Waste Treatment Plant, was the old fashion pumps used to get water from wells and pipelines that the children in particular took to with glee.

It would have been an exciting as well as hugely educational exercise, particularly for geography and science students, who would have got to see first hand the use of some of the equipment used in the testing of water quality, examine the nutrient content, and learn more about what goes in to ensuring that the water that comes from the taps is decidedly potable.

Today’s activities followed an opening church service at Bethel Methodist Church on Sunday, outreach activities on Monday; staff activities, including a tour and hike yesterday, and a website launch and awards tomorrow and Friday respectively. (LB)

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