A day of fun and frolic

elaynescantleburycentrepicnicThe residents and staff of the Elayne Scantlebury Centre celebrated Disabilities Month on Saturday, with a picnic to Barclays Park, East Coast Road, St. Andrew, hosted by The Ex-Military Services Association of Barbados.

It was a day of fun and frolic for the residents of the centre, who expressively enjoyed the outing. TEMSAOB’s president, Ricardo Swire, said the provided sponsorship was in keeping with the association’s community service mandate.

“This picnic was a TEMSAOB initiative to facilitate a change of scenery for the Centre’s special residents, who are usually confined to their surroundings. It is also our gesture of support for the Barbados Council for the Disabled and its members, as they participate in several activities during their specially recognised month of March.

“The Ex-Military Services Association of Barbados committed its support and assistance to the Elayne Scantlebury Centre two years ago, and we have facilitated several other activities for them during the period.

“Our effort is also an act of solidarity and respect for the president of the Senate’s request, made during the opening Disabilities Month Church service,” Swire stated.

He added: “The organisation of retired military personnel is committed to ensuring that the stigmas and barriers to integration of the disabled are eventually removed.

“It is imperative that we recognise that these individuals are challenged, through no fault of their own. Therefore, a visit once a year cannot be sufficient. Most of the special residents have been abandoned to the responsibility of the exemplary care givers employed at the Elayne Scantlebury Centre. TEMSAOB strongly feel that it is time more of our Barbadian community contribute towards ensuring that individuals, like these residents, achieve a respectable measure of integration into the wider society.”

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  1. Valerie Hill May 3, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    I have just read your article on the work of the ex military services association.
    I have been trying to find an e.mail address for them but am unable to.
    Maybe you could help.
    Valerie Hill


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