A burning pain

On Saturday morning I awoke to the smell of smoke in my neighbourhood. I had plans to sleep in late after a hard week at work but unfortunately that was not to be. I realised after going outside that someone was burning stuff in their backyard and it got out of control.

I will never understand why anyone burns stuff. Aren’t we concerned about other persons in our community who may be asthmatic or who suffer from sinus problems? Especially now at this time of the year when there is not much rainfall, why would anyone think of burning garbage?

I have found it quite strange that every year around crop season the number of bush fires increase. Is it because there is not much rainfall and the earth is dry? Is it because persons are deliberately setting these fires or is that some plastic material that some persons threw in the bush are igniting due to increased heat from sun? I will never understand that. You pass on the highway the grass is brown; you pass back hours later the bush has been burnt.

I find some of us Barbadians are not considerate of others. We never put ourselves in other people’s position to see how we would feel if someone did the same thing to us. How would you feel if early Saturday morning you have just washed your clothes and someone burns stuff and you have to wash them all over again?

I believe now that most homes have computers some of us need to research climate change and the effects that we can have on the environment. I find sometimes driving on the roads, you have to drive far behind some vehicles that are constantly smoking and polluting the atmosphere. These vehicles need to be taken off the roads.

Littering is still a constant problem even though many garbage bins are visible around the island. Illegal dumping in gullies is still a major problem for the Ministry of Health. Have you ever been in Bridgetown after working hours before the garbage vans come to collect garbage? It is honestly a sight to behold.

We say we are one of the most developed countries in the world and I believe we need to start acting like it. Some of us need to begin to take responsibility for the actions we take. No way should I be awoken to the smell of smoke early a Saturday morning which lasted for the whole day. It truly was unbearable, to say the least.

Be mindful of those around you and stop burning stuff in the community. Have a wonderful week ahead!!! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

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