$3M needed to complete LESC work

newlloyderskinesandifordcentreIt will take more than $3 million to complete the transformation of the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre into an expanded office facility.

On completion of the ongoing Estimates Debate in the House of Assembly and before Government’s financial year ends on March 31, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy is expected to lead debate on a supplementary resolution needed to permit provision of the funds from the state.

The project to provide what Sealy said previously was the provision of “four floors of class ‘A’ office space”, enhanced conference space and retrofitted kitchen facilities, is being done via more than $30 million in financing from the Bank of Nova Scotia.

But based on the supplementary resolution to be debated by members of the House of Assembly, additional money is required for the initiative, which is expected to be completed by June.

“The sum of $3,167, 000 million is required by Barbados Conference Services Limited to meet the shortfall between the contract price for the completion of the new offices project at Lloyd Erskine sandiford Centre, overtime charges and additional professional charges,” the resolution addendum stated.

During a tour of the LESC in July last year, Sealy said the infrastructural work, which would cost $33 million when $3 million from Scotiabank to increase energy efficiency there was added to the bank’s funding, was on time and within budget.

“[Rentable] space would be 68,822 square feet… The Ministry of Tourism currently occupies the southwestern corner of the building. They will be relocated to the main office area and that will free up 10,000 square feet of space that can be used to enhance the conference facility offerings,” he said of the improvements.

“Organisers not only want the actual floor space where the conference is taking place, but they also need the support to back up the conference activity, and so we will enhance the facilities, but also by having that additional space … that will be a plus.” (SC)

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