Police intervene in child beating case

motherbeatsgirlEven though both mother and daughter in the much publicised public beating say it is just a matter of discipline, Barbados TODAY understands that police are on the case.

Director of the Child Care Board, Joan Crawford told this newspaper this evening that before they could become involved they would have to get a determination from the police, pending their own investigation.

“The matter was referred to the police for their intervention this morning. They will investigate the matter,” she said this evening when reached, adding that the police would then involve the board if it was needed.

The video featuring the altercation went viral this weekend via social media sites, particularly Facebook, showing the mother beating her teenaged daughter with a piece of wood, while others from their Blenheim, St. Michael district looked on.

While some comments agreed with the mother’s handling of her daughter whom she indicated in the video had disrespected her, there was much outrage as well, calling the mother’s actions excessive.

UNICEF children’s advocate, former magistrate Faith Marshall-Harris commented yesterday stating that she believed the case could be classified as child abuse, calling for the police to investigate.

Meanwhile, the mother commented in the media that it was simply a case of her disciplining her daughter who had got out of control, even as her daughter also remarked that she held no hard feelings toward her mother. She said it was only that her mother sometimes got really mad while beating her, but stated “she beat me to put me right”. (LB)

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