Government pushing parallel programmes

estimates2013deniskellmanNew Minister of Housing Denis Kellman has promised parallel programmes that will see even more Barbadians getting a chance to own their homes and the land on which they stand.

Speaking during the 2013-2014 Estimates debate in the House of Assembly last night, the MP for St. Lucy noted that contrary to what was being said, there were projects continuing across Barbados in areas like Garden Land, Campaign Castle and Constant, among other places.

At this time, he told the House, it was critical to look at parallel programmes going forward.

“The most important thing is that we are going to be having a parallel programme, that even though we will be building housing units and building houses, that we will also be providing house lots for people so we will go back to the community and building communities again.”

Referring to the throne speech delivered about two weeks ago at the opening of Parliament, Kellman said that it had been promised that housing and the delivery of house lots would be one of the major platforms and that was about to come true.

“If you were to go to St. Lucy to a place called Mount Poyer, you will see that the honourable member for St. George who would have visited that area in Mount Poyer and agreed with me that he would have sold those persons 30 spots, Sir. Instead of the people getting the spots, the honourable member for St. George was changed, houses were built and before the people moved into the houses, the Government upon changing had to repair every single house.

“If you go into Mount Poyer today, you will see Mount Poyer #2, where spots were given to the people, Sir; and when you look at the houses in Mount Poyer #2, you will better understand why I have been asking the Barbados Labour Party for 14 years to create a parallel programme where you make spots available to the masses of people in the country and where you are able to let them deliver their own houses,” said the MP.

The houses delivered by the BLP by comparison, he charged, left the residents of the area burdened with high mortgages and inferior houses.

“I am saying this Democratic Labour Party will change that. We will not adopt the policy of the Barbados Labour Party where they look only for friends…, but we will bring back community life by allowing the carpenters, the masons, the plumbers and everybody to share in the glory. (LB)

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