Big breakthrough

Police have made a breakthrough in their investigations into two tragedies which occurred on Sunday.

One involved the fatal accident on Prescod Boulevard, St. Michael in which 19-year-old Rachel Pilgrim of Bibby’s Gap, St. Michael died and the other related to the suspected murder of 24-year-old Kimberly Hinds, of Rock Hall, St. Thomas.

Two men are currently in police custody assisting law enforcement officers in their probe into both incidents.

Initial reports had said that the driver of a vehicle had fled the scene following the accident at Prescod Boulevard.

In the Rock Hall incident, the body of Hinds was discovered at about 3 p.m. at her home.

Meanwhile, a 24-year-old man of Beckwith Street, the City, was today sentenced to 18 months in jail for snatching the gold chain from the neck of 67-year-old visitor, Sandra Evans, while she and her husband were on Browne’s Beach, St. Michael yesterday.

When Samuel DaCosta Chandler appeared in the District “A” Magistrate’s Court today, he pleaded guilty to the charge of theft.

Chandler also defaulted on a bond placed on him by the court last year and was given an additional prison term of nine months.

At the Bridgetown Port today, two people, a Barbadian and a Vincentian, were handed over to the police by customs officials, after allegedly being caught with 22 kilograms of marijuana discovered in dried coconuts.

One of them, a female, were reportedly arrested when they went to receive a consignment of produce that included ginger and eddoes. It is understood that the Vincentian arrived in Barbados last night. (EJ)†

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