Abuse not discipline

In the latest issue of the Barbados Today dated March 18, 2013 on the back page with the video of a woman beating her child. This is so uncivilised to see a grown woman beating her child in such a manner.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes — all the people that were just standing around watching this woman beat this child worse than an animal.

I would be dammed if I would even call her a fit mother. Giving birth to a child isn’t all to being a mother. And if this woman isn’t brought to justice for abusing this child in such a manner, then where are the laws in Barbados for child abuse.

This woman seem to feel so comfortable in putting on a show of how she can treat her daughter without anyone doing anything to help the child. I could care less what this child has done. For sure she didn’t deserve to be treated in this manner, and to add insult to injury having it done in public.

This child should no longer be allowed to live with this person who calls herself a mother.

If you are going to allow this kind of treatment to go on with children in the 21st century, then you must be going backwards.

I usually share the paper with some of my friends, but for sure I refuse to forward this to anyone of them.

Now if this child’s father were to beat the mother as she has beaten her daughter, could he ever justify doing so.

Wouldn’t this go under the heading of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is not just violence leading to physical injuries. It is a pattern of abusive behavior used to gain control over another person. This can include threats, emotional, sexual or economic abuse, intimidation, deprivation, social isolation, or repeated battering and injury.

Over time the violence usually becomes more frequent and even more severe. It does not go away without intervention.

Children can be devastated by domestic violence. The way that this child has been treated could be just the starting of more to come whenever her mother feels the need to beat her because she feels the need to, and call it correcting her, or punishing her for whatever she has done, or she thought she did.

This isn’t right for any human-being to be treated this way.

This woman claims to be so tough and gangster while she was beating the child she even dared people to call the cops?

Now this has to be some tough person who the whole neighbourhood has to be scared of when no one wouldn’t intervene to stop this child from being treated in such a manner.

I hope that she gets exactly what she deserves for treating a child in such a manner. The way that child has been treated and now the brutal beating being plastered on the web for all to see doesn’t make her life any easier either.

I hope that they throw the book at her if she goes to court for child abuse. She deserves to be punished to the maximum.

— Charles Cadogan

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