On the ball

Call it beach ball, paddle ball, beach tennis, or even bat and ball.

Whatever label you affix to it, Maxine Weekes loves it.

“I like outdoor sports. I started at Miami and I’ve seen others playing. I started playing road tennis at home in the Sayes Court area and then gravitated towards beach tennis.

“It’s a very good form of exercise but you need to do some cross training with it, It looks simple but it is very, very, very rigourous,” she told LOVING ME during a break in her game.

She was among several people who were exercising on Brandons Beach this week.

The 45-year-old Weekes said she has been playing the sport for 15 years now and continues because she loves it.

Some days she will play for “an hour and a half or so” and other times she will play longer from around “4:30 p.m. until we lose the sun”.

“You cannot come to the beach as a player and watch. You have to get into it, just the love of it. I’ve been doing the gym, been doing other forms of exercise but I just enjoy this sport tremendously. Three, four times a week, sometimes five times a week I am here,” a smiling Weekes said. (DS)

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