Hypocritical life

I look forward to the day when Barbados can truly be independent.

The day when those in authority stand up and say yes or no and not have to consider how that will affect any subsidies or aid. I also look forward to the day when we can say to the rest of the world “It is okay if you believe that, but this is the stance we are taking”. But we continue to allow people to chart our destiny and encourage us to destroy each other. Again I have to agree with Adonijah – Barbados by Two – because there are certain rules for certain people and then other rules for other people.

I heard the Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite giving his concerns about the openness with which marijuana, an illegal drug is being smoked. I can appreciate that he has to be concerned – if he wasn’t I would be. But we continue to pick and claw at the lower echelons in our society and then seek to brainwash our children about equality – it does not exist. Let me say this though, any person caught on “the block” smoking marijuana deserves to get locked up because it is ignorant.

I went to the block because I believe in going to the source, needless to say I found that was not the source. But they know it is wrong, they just don’t care. Breaking and flaunting the law should not be considered, I don’t care if you have a spliff, a roach or a ladybug, lock them up because they are disrespectful.

Then there are the “elite” parties, where I have seen police moonlighting as security officers and marijuana is consumed with as much pomp as the red and blue label beverages. So the AG has to be concerned and I am concerned too. There is a nursery rhyme I like that describes the church. I think it also describes the Government and basically life in general in Barbados: Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been? I’ve been to London to visit the Queen. Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there? I frightened a little mouse under a chair! You see, we continue to get distracted by little things. The opportunity is always there to dine with the boss, but instead we go and play with the little people in the kingdom and miss out on a tremendous opportunity.

Now Mr Justice Randall Worrell’s comments have been thrown into the stew and we don’t know if it is beef, veal or cow heel. We will not legalise marijuana! Despite all the logic and rationalisation put forward it will not happen. It will not happen because we have not learnt how to use our feet to walk. We have been trained in using our feet to stomp down and stand on each other, not for moving forward. So despite all the studies and expert opinion we will continue to do what the rest of the hemisphere is doing and what we think they expect us to do.

Meanwhile, we will continue to exacerbate the problem at one end and live the hypocritical life of the Pharisee, where we say one thing and do something else. My only problem with locking up the persons with the spliff is that we ignore the persons who sell the spliffs. If we are going to say no to drugs, say no to all drugs. For years, we were talking about breathalyzer testing – nothing. We hold the rum shop up as a proud part of our past, and I question that.

The reality is that Barbados is not ready and we should leave drugs alone, allllll drugs. We cannot get a handle on those addicted to alcohol, and there are many. Therefore I see no good reason why we should go now and get people addicted to marijuana. We just cannot handle it. We are poking a bear whose unbridled power we have no clue about. Meanwhile, we have people who site Holland’s legalisations of marijuana – this is not Holland.

We can also look at Malaya where if a man is caught driving drunk he is imprisoned and if he is married, his wife too is imprisoned, or places like South Africa where you could face a 10 year jail sentence or El Salvador where execution may result. But what are we saying? What will work for Barbados.

Journalist Robert Best always said: “When in doubt, leave it out!” I think we should take his wise words to heart.

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