Get fit in 21 days

lovingmeswingpushupsCan you get fit in 21 days?

Personal trainer Corey Springer has thrown out the challenge to his supporters for this month.

Springer, owner of Apollo Fitness, usually issued fitness challenges through the Iron League around peak times, such as after holidays or in the lead up to Crop-Over to provide a free method for people to achieve the body they desired in the comfort of their home. While the well-known trainer has been sending out free fitness challenges for a few years now, he began to define it in July 2011, through the creation of event pages on Facebook.

“Everyone does not always have the money to allocate to paying for a personal trainer … so I run it around the times people needed help,” he told Barbados TODAY via telephone interview.

Scores of participants have become involved in the weight loss activities through Springer’s demonstration videos, links to health and wellness resources and interactions with other participants on Springer’s website.

For the month of March, Springer will focus on a 21-day programme that emphasises hydration and working the abdominals, cardiovascular system and body conditioning.

“We chose 21 days because that is usually how long it takes to cement a behaviour,” he explained. “The classes are tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.”

He added that the group was in the fifth day of the challenge.

Each challenge has a different angle. Giving the newspaper a sneak peek into what was in store, he revealed April would have a fruit and vegetable focus. Springer believed the free service has been able to assist those who wish to lose weight, as was evidenced by the response the event page on Facebook and interacting with people. Additionally, participants can use things in and around their home to complete the exercises. For example, instead of weights, people could use bottles of detergent or canned goods.

“I did NIFCA once, and even the judges were asking me: ‘Are you the one who does the challenge?’. Some people are not even my Facebook friends, but they know about the challenge, they watch the videos and they are following the website,” Springer said.

Satisfied participants also share their successes on Springer’s page, updating him on inches lost and goals attained. (LW)

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