Fish galore!

fishgaloreFish! Fish! Come and get it!

That was the cry at many fish markets across the island today. At Half Moon Fort in St. Lucy flying fish was aplenty. As boats loaded with crates of flying fish sailed in under the watchful eyes of some seemingly ravenous sea gulls,†there were other fisherfolk who had not too long before come ashore and filled buckets with the Bajan favourite, ready to return to the sea.

Customers galore too were waiting nearby to ensure they got their hands on the usually scarce commodity, along with a food vendor ready with her coal pot on the heat to steam or fry and serve up the cuisine for the awaiting limers.

In the City, at the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex it was very much the same atmosphere, just much louder with bigger crowds. Dolphin, king fish, sword fish, bill fish, marlin, tuna, red snapper, flying fish and more were available from popular vendors.

One vendor, who spoke to Barbados TODAY, said his sales were going good. He said while the prices were inexpensive right now, they were “subject to change” so he advised fish lovers and those buying for Easter to get theirs early. (KC)

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