Boss bother

I have a big problem with my boss. Apart from the fact that he is so sexy and knows it, he is killing all of us with work while he goes out and plays polo, golf, basketball, every opportunity he gets.

He also keeps running me down for sex.

I have threatened to report the matter to the police but he laughs at me and says that if I don’t want him, the other women who want to get ahead in HIS company will do what he says.

I am tired of the way he is always touching me accidentally when he thinks no one is watching. I also see him running his hand over the other women’s butts in the office.

At first I didn’t understand why they did it but when we have meetings and they make reports – bad or good – he never quarrels, and they think I should like his attention.

I like my job. I need my job. I work hard at my job.

I don’t want to tell my friends because they think he is hot and wished they worked for him.

His attention is getting worse because it seems as though I’m the only woman in the office who is refusing his advances, because all the others got a raise in December but I didn’t.

What should I do?


Since Yuh Ask, M, I have to tell you that you have a really big problem. Clearly what is happening to you is illegal — criminal. But a major part of succeeding in any action is having proof, and since you are the only woman in the office who has a difficulty with his attention you are not going to find witnesses to support your claim.

I suspect that telling him you do not appreciate his advances will not make a difference if not it would have stopped already. In your own words, you need the job, and you therefore have to determine how badly.

In all reasonableness you cannot expect to take on a boss like this and keep the job, so you will have to decide whether you will put up with it or walk.

I cannot offer any more than this because the answer really is to call the police and/or abandon the job and all those options come with serious consequences. I suppose I could say like your “friends” to give in — but I do not believe you should. That is not an option, not if you want to live with your conscience.

You really have a hard choice to make.

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