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From: angelm@caribsurf.com

To: bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

I must compliment you first on how your article was written and the topic is a very emotional and sad one.

I have an issue with the picture you place with that article to substantiate the story and advise that picture is not by all means an accurate representation of your story. I do not know how you got this picture or where you did your research because those persons in the picture were not left unattended in the hospital.

The picture also is not a recent picture, hence not given rise to the present situation at the hospital. Also, based on the location of the picture one of the individuals was admitted to the hospital around that same time in April of 2012.

I know this because one of the ladies in it is my mother. So, can you imagine the pain, hurt, anger and anguish our family felt when we see and read this article knowing it to be false and knowing what we through when our mother fell sick suddenly. Day after day we prayed and anguish over if we were making the correct decisions, if the Doctors were given her the best treatment to bring her back to us.

When we go to visit her and see her and see her in pain and and do not know what to do, reach out to Doctors on the ward but because she was not their patient would not go and even look at her. We even bombarded the nurses to call her doctor and an ask give them to give her something for the pain, when we going home researching her illness and seeing what information we can ascertain that can assist us to assist her. Do you know what it is to watch someone in pain especially someone as close as your mother and you cannot do anything for her.

You are waiting and listening to the doctor every word and purchasing and installing things at home for when she returns. Praying for her return home. Seeking out priest, prayer warriors speaking to anyone who would listen and give advice of anyone doctor, physiotherapist that can help with the treatment. Every day you are second guessing yourself and wondering if the doctor who is treating her is doing his best is he the best one who should be treating her. Is she being cared for properly when you are not there visiting. Then to get “the call” you dread getting, that she has taken a turn for the worse and when you reach the hospital, you watch your mother take her last breadth, you never thought, imagine that day will come.

We are still grieving, the anniversary of her death is soon upon us, it does not seem like a year has passed already. Then to be reading the paper and see a picture of her, although the face is clouded out you still know it is her, she is not in her element, beautiful and glowing with life but in her most vulnerable state and with an attached to an article which is so far from the truth it is unbelievable. Seeing your article is like opening a wound that has not healed and you do not know if or when It would ever healed.

You have put us through all that pain again. You might not know what your actions caused and normally I am not this vocal but this is my MOTHER.

The person who took that picture, I do not even know what to say about them to take a picture without a person consent is wrong and then to take them when there are most vulnerable and cannot speak for themselves is heartless.

I am not only angry because I can identify my mum but one of the other ladies in the picture, had visitors every day. Especially one devoted relative who was there like us at lunch time and evening. She was also discharged from the hospital when my mum was still there. So please, in the future do your due diligence before your print any article because you can be causing undue anguish to innocent families.

I agree people should not leave or abandon their relatives in the hospital but another article you could look into is why this happens, sometimes the person cannot afford to take care of the relative, there are not enough facilities in Barbados that can assist you with caring for the elderly and those that are here are not cheap.

Further, some of the sick relatives can be so overbearing they make their caretakers ill themselves and then there is no one to take care of them. So your story should look at both sides and offer solutions for some of them. My mum was one who was taking care of a sick person and in turn became sick. So as much as I do not agree with abandonment, I can understand and be sympathetic to some of the reasoning behind it and hope organisations and the authorities can institute plans and infrastructure that can assist .

I was very sorry to see this article not only because of the hurt it caused my family and myself and chances are the other ladies and their families in the picture but because I always thought this paper presented the truth but after today I have to wonder about the legitimacy of the other articles.

I hope something like this will never happen to another family.

Yours sincerely,

Grieving Daughter and Family

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