No ease in heat

drygrassFans and air conditioned units are expected to work harder and longer because the heat the island is now experiencing is not expected to let up any time soon.

Over the past few weeks Barbados and the some parts of the Caribbean have been experiencing broiling conditions. Antigua and Jamaica recently declared drought conditions in their agricultural sectors, however Acting Deputy Director of the meteorological office, Sonia Nurse, says there was no need for concern in Barbados.

She told Barbados TODAY this evening via telephone that even though the island was experiencing “relatively dry conditions” and there was no “measurable rainfall” at the Grantley Adams International Airport for the first 11 days of March, this was not uncharacteristic. March, she explained, was usually the driest month of the year.

The average amount of rainfall expected in March, she said, was about one inch and 71 part.

So it is not unusual that you wouldn’t have any rainfall but in terms of the cumulative amount of rainfall that we’ve had for the year so far up to the end of February, we are actually slightly ahead so far of the average. That average is three inches and 83 parts and at the end of February we are at four inches and 16 parts.

“Last year in March it was a little wetter up to this point. At the end of February we had about six inches of rainfall which is twice the cumulative amount that you would expect. Up to this point we have not had any measurable rainfall at the airport but you still have the rest of the month to go.

“It is possible you can make up and at least get the average amount in the latter half of the month but that remains to be seen. In the next few days, we may get a few more sprinkles here and there†but probably nothing excessive,” said Nurse.

She added that the extreme heat the island was experiencing was not as a result of the temperatures being hotter, but rather because of a frontal system which had weakened the pressure gradient and decreased wind speeds. (KC)

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