Mom not abandoned



Hi Tonia,

I hope I’m not reading to much into your article on FEEL FOR GRANNY; but it could be perceived by relating to the picture, that these three elderly folk are a few of the old people abandoned at the QEH.

I just want to say to you that one of those persons in the pic happened to be my mum, and she was far form abandoned in there. More so we tried desperately, daily, to have her released to home care with an on-site doctor, but to no joy, as the consultant seemed to think otherwise and at the time knew better than the family and I.

I feel as you do about your great grand mother and maybe more for my mum, so you might understand my concern reading through the news this morning to see pic of my mum in what was to me a very painful time for her, the family and I, in an article about abandonment.

While I totally agree with your caption, I did not appreciate the perception that could be read into pic as the other persons shown always had family with them during visiting and left the hospital during period my mum was there.



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