Mapp Hill misery

mapphillcrashIt was just around 11:45 a.m. today when the drivers of four trucks escaped serious injury after the vehicles they were driving were involved in an accident on Mapp Hill, St. Michael.

One truck owned by C O Williams Construction Ltd and driven by Whitfield Bolden of Wotton Terrace, Christ Church, crashed into a house owned by 76 year old Etherline Nurse, and overturned, spilling a load of sand on the busy Mapp Hill road.

Nurse, who at the time of the accident was sitting in her veranda, ran into her living room and fell. She was later taken to a private doctor where she was treated and discharged.

maphillcrashtruckThe second truck, involved in the accident, was driven by Richard Hunte, of Foul Bay, St. Philip. Ivan Burke, also of Foul Bay was the driver of the third truck and he sustained minor injuries to his body.

The driver of the fourth truck was Andrarda Holllingsworth of Dunscombe, St. Thomas.

The road was impassable to vehicular traffic for just over three hours while workmen removed the load of sand that had spilled onto the road and heavy duty equipment removed the overturned truck.†(NC)

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