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Correcting water breach.
Correcting water breach.

Lawlessness has reached the point in Barbados where some persons are prepared to endanger their lives to have free access to potable water.

And earlier today officials of the Barbados Water Authority turned up at Lower Burney, St. Michael, to correct a breach in the island’s water supply network.

An official of the BWA told a team from Barbados TODAY that someone had tampered with a 16 inch pump main with an air valve connected to it.

The official further stated that the air valve releases the air out of the main, which pumps water from Hanson Hill Reservoir to the Fort George tank.

The staffer pointed out that the person or persons who had tampered with the air valves were seeking access to the water supply for free. The BWA official explained that the person or persons had already tampered with a main at Fort George Heights.

He warned that the person who tampered with the valve could have been killed or seriously injured if the top had been blown off. That official explained that when they were effecting repairs to air valves the water supply was turned off to reduce the pressure coming through the 16 inch main.

After making several attempts to correct the problem without success, a worker pointed out that senior officials of the BWA would have to make a decision of the matter.

He explained that an announcement would have to be made to alert the public that there would be a water outage in the several areas serviced by the Hanson Reservoir and Fort George tank before work could be attempted again.

One official suggested that the persons who tampered with the air valves might be more familiar with the locations of the mains than some BWA workers.

While the team from Barbados TODAY was on the scene, BWA officials identified buckets that were used by the persons who lived in the area to collect water.

Attempts to get an official response from the management of the BWA proved futile.†(NC)

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  1. freeagent March 14, 2013 at 8:23 am

    I’m calling on the relevant authorities to deal harshly with anyone who is found tampering with government property.

  2. Tony Webster March 14, 2013 at 9:20 am

    The last four things not yet snatched/grabbed/or stripped-out, so far today: 1. The new Pope’s ring. 2. The metal traffic-sign outside the main guard. 3. The rims of the GG’s car, whilst stuck in traffic. 4.The telephone wires connected to a metal -dealers office. B’s patient! (‘scuse the worst pun of the day)


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