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shanefreeShane Free’s spirit can be felt on every one of his songs.

Born in Trinidad and raised in Barbados, creative boundaries don’t exist for the singer and songwriter. Hip hop, reggae, and pop seamlessly cascade within his infectious and inimitable sound. Acoustic guitar can give way to a dance floor beat just as easily as a reggae groove can float with rap flavor. It’s as free as music can possibly be.

The artist describes his personal amalgam of styles best.

“There’s definitely a free minded approach,” he declares. “My sound is a fusion. I love hip hop and reggae, but I’m from the islands and I sing with a Caribbean edge. There are dimensions to the songs that have a raw, organic feeling.”

The music arises naturally because he’s been a musician for as long as he can recall. Born to legendary Barbadian singer Mickey Dee, Shane began playing piano almost as soon as he could speak. In high school, he discovered rap music, and his world flipped upside down. Releasing his first single Sharp Style at only 15-years-old, he dominated the charts in Barbados, reaching number 22 most played. Soon after, he co-founded Baytown Crew, released the group’s debut on Magnetic Image Records, and toured the United Kingdom for a year. All of these experiences simply prepared him for his forthcoming first solo record though.

Relocating to Toronto in 2011, Shane teamed up with producer extraordinaire Inotchz. Their creative chemistry immediately sizzled. The result is his first single Fire Waist. It’s a slick and sexy anthem that’s unique and undeniable.

“It’s a feel good song,” he goes on. “It’s about seeing the beautiful girls dancing. The way they move their waists is hot–it’s on fire. It’s a party tune. Everybody loves watching a gorgeous girl move.”

Everyone is also going to love Shane too because he’s so open and honest.

“I approach music from my heart,” he smiles. The songs express how I feel, and I’m true to myself. If you tap into your sixth sense, the art should just come out of the air. Living in Barbados has a big impact on me. Being in the island gives you a spiritual awareness. It keeps me grounded. I’ll write in nature with acoustic guitar and take in everything around me.”

Ultimately though, the music is about the freedom to cut loose and live in the moment. He concludes, “I want people to have a good time. This whole existence on Mother Earth is about feelings, whether or not people realize it. I want listeners to connect to this. I hope it inspires them and gives them that good positive energy.”

His debut EP (extended play) seven song project, which is still untitled, features originals Caribbean fusion tunes and a refix to the aforementioned hip hop dancehall collab Blocka” from Pusha T featuring Popcaan. The genre bending project finds the depth and free spirit of Shane’s lyrics blending effortlessly with I-Notchz’ riddims, layered with Hip Hop, Dancehall, Soca, Pop and even Zouk influences.

Fire Waist, is currently bubbling on the underground market in the Northeast region of the US and in Shane’s homeland of Barbados.

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  1. Bajantrini March 14, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    I have heard Fire Waist many times on the radio and it is just as good or even better than many of the big songs out there, local and international! West Indians are great musicians! Never give up your dream Shane Free! I love your music!


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