Christie not for gay marriage

NASSAU — Prime Minister Perry Christie said yesterday he does not believe in same-sex marriage and it is not an issue on the government’s agenda.

A few weeks ago, Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett predicted that the Bahamian courts will soon have to address the question of same-sex marriage.

When asked his reaction to the issue, Christie said: “For me it never arose.

“It’s something I don’t believe in. It’s something that would never have come up with me, and it doesn’t come up.

“It’s a matter that one has to understand that exists in other countries next to us.

“It has become the law in some countries and we have to respect the laws of the countries.

“But when it comes to The Bahamas there’s no issue before my government about changing the laws with respect to marriage.”

Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd recommended to the Constitutional Commission last month that the constitution be amended to reflect that no one should be discriminated against based on sexual orientation.

Boyd, however, said he does not believe same-sex marriage should be included. (Nassau Guardian)

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