A bit curious

The talk these days is all about the so called sex parties, or should I say consenting adult sexually oriented entertainment. I must say it has tongues and everything else wagging right now.

The curious are making all kinds of statements as to what is going on there and the ones who may have been are somehow leaking info about it all. I mean like good gosh man, you expect a Bajan to be part of such an event and not come back talking to every Tom, Dick, and Harry about what they saw and who they thought they might have seen and what they were doing with whom?

It is something that should be expected from our people. Society these days has a very huge appetite for anything that is remotely sexy or is laced with some kind of sexual flavor. Some are using these types of events to as they say, “spice up their relationship”.

I guess they want to get a bit more adventurous and do things that make the heart beat a lot faster, hence the rush makes them want to do the things they dare not try before.

I am no sex therapist, but I do have my ideas and thoughts as to what sort of entertainment I would prefer when it comes to boosting my sexual relationship. I am not too sure I would take my partner to a party where she is wearing a mask and I have to kiss my way through a heap of unknown lips and tongues to guess which one is she.

I would have to be stupid to not know who she is. I believe I can find her in the dark, not because of her complexion but because I believe I know my partner. Unless I am out to get real nasty and pretend so I can play tonsil tennis with a set of women I am staying away from those sorts of games.

I have no idea about the dental hygiene of those people, and being a guy with a funny stomach, I am not about kissing anything and everything. Who knows where that mouth went prior to the game?

I must admit I too am a bit curious as to what else goes on at these parties. I was wondering if they serve fruits like the ancient Spartacus ones would depict, with the beautiful ladies serving all dressed in their toga outfits and sandals with crowns of flowers and masks to conceal their identity.

I don’t see a mask hiding too much of one’s identity in Barbados since we all seem to know each other. If not by walk or figure or hair or even hands, we know each other on this little rock. I saw a lady walking way ahead of me and I told who I was with that has to be “Miss So And So” and I was right. They asked me how I knew for sure, and I said by the walk and the rear end shape. It is a fact, I tell you. If I wanted to ease into one of those parties I would be identified from the time I entered in my mask. Facebook would have all sorts of things as to where I was seen and knowing us Bajans, there would be a few things added to what I did and did not do. I don’t think I am even giving a ride to anyone going close to one of those parties; my name too easy to pronounce in Barbados.

I am no saint and will not profess to be one, but I must say that we need to be very careful the style of entertainment we promote. We have had the girls skinning out on stage in parties and doing the 6:30 and all sorts of fancy exposing moves. Strip clubs are well patronised and now the Spartacus parties are taking root.

On one side I am saying adults can do whatever adults consent to do with each other, but on the other side I say adults need to think of the consequences of their actions too. If your sex life is boring and needs spicing up, I am sure they are many other ways to boost it.

If you choose to have a third person in your bedroom that is up to you, but a few dozen getting naughty sounds more like an orgy to me. Don’t tell me these parties are not about sex or that sex is not promoted; not if you are handing out condoms.

I just hope it does not get too out of hand and then we see or hear of some man or woman being taken to court for harassment at one of these parties or some partner learning of their significant other being a part of some act at these parties and then go ballistic.

Whatever happens there you can be sure that Hartley’s boy child will not be there to witness any of it.

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