What if?

The BBC World News service is introducing a programme, What if?, in which they ask for contributions from viewers.

I have a few what if’s:

What if the Republican Party in America persists in manufacturing crises in that country all in an effort to have Democratic President Barak Obama appear impotent?

What if the people on the opposite side declare, “No More” and act accordingly? What will it do to our tourism?

The latest move by the Republican party – allowing the sequester to be implemented – will cost America 750,000 jobs by year end. So who cares? Not the GOP. What if riots result, who will they point to? You guessed it, the president.

But here at home what if we felt a different impact, a shake similar to the three Trinidad has felt in the last two weeks, only to wake up next morning to find that the island was about four times bigger? Would the former beach front property owners claim the new high water mark?

All new land would be state land but for how long? Money talks!

On the other hand what if we get persistent wind gusts of over 50 miles per hour (80 kph), how many of the now overloaded Light and Power poles will remain standing?

I am very concerned with what I can only describe as the forest of wires and lines attached to far too many poles. There was a time when the BL&P would complain of the additional weight caused by one or two telephone company’s wires. Look at the poles now. Wow!

Pray people.

— Michael Rudder

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