Get healthy, stay healthy

Learning about “glow, grow and go” foods.
Learning about “glow, grow and go” foods.

One, two, three… Let’s work that body!

Belmont Primary School is really trying its best to combat obesity at that school. Last Friday they held their first health fair at the school grounds in Odessa McClean Drive, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael. Activity after activity was planned to encourage the promotion of eating healthy, staying healthy and living and overall healthy lifestyle.

Instead of†just encouraging the children to engage in a healthy lifestyle, Physical Education and Health teacher, Andre Holder, told Barbados TODAY the main concept was rather to show them examples of how simple a practice it was. There was a nature walk and run through the neighbourhood and at the nearby Blenheim pasture, health discussions on diabetes in children by a representative from the Diabetes Association and nutrition tips by Mark Alleyne of the Winston Scott Polyclinic, while Hudson Inniss from the Ministry of Education spoke on AIDS.

There were blood sugar and hearing tests, which some parents took advantage of, fruit juice sampling, foot massages, a martial arts display, cooking demonstrations, line dancing, a netball match, a biathlon and work out sessions that included the entire school population. It was an exciting day for all the students as well as the teachers who participated willingly, Holder said.

This was the first year for the event and Holder said he was optimistic that it would continue, stating the school wanted have a least one day a week dedicated to strictly healthy eating practises. To further encourage a healthy lifestyle, the school had also undertaken a year-round†programme to enforce the sale of only healthy snacks.

“We looked at a healthy lunch box, grow, glow and go foods and the children are receptive to healthy practices. We are hoping that at least we could get our children to eat healthy for the time that they are here and maybe when the pick up the practice here they will take it to their homes and encourage the parents and families to also eat healthy,” he said. “Times have changed and have gone away from children going outside and running around and or riding on evenings to playing video games, so we are trying now to encourage them to come back outside and run and participate in sports and activity. This is basically all we can do to combat inactivity and hope that when they go home it is continued,” he added. (KC)

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