Coastal clean-up

Turtle Beach’s David Hobbs (left) and O’Neale Sealy (right) took part in the beach cleanup recently.
Turtle Beach’s David Hobbs (left) and O’Neale Sealy (right) took part in the beach cleanup recently.

The management and staff at Turtle Beach Resort took their environmentally friendly drive to the beach recently with a clean-up at Dover.

Juliette Sandiford, guest activities and Kids Club manager at the Christ Church property, explained that this was the second time for the initiative.

“The main beach areas are cleaned regularly and are well taken care of however, there are some areas that need extra care and these are the areas we concentrate on.

“These are sections of the beach that are in the vicinity of the property and other areas of Dover Beach, which are used by locals as well as our guests, and so we want to ensure that they are clean and inviting for anyone who frequents the areas.”

Sandiford explained that the clean-up initiative was planned for every quarter with the next one scheduled for the Easter season.

“We have had great support from our employees who are always willing to get on board with any project which preserves our environment and at Turtle we have quite a few, including the recycling of materials such as glass, metal, cardboard, bottles and plastic,” she added.

“We also use energy saving devices and solutions in and around the property including light bulbs, solar water heating and Energy Eye, a system which controls room temperature by automatically selecting an energy-conserving temperature when guests leave their rooms and adjusts to their original settings when they return.

“We also monitor and record the daily use of water, gas and electricity, among a number of other initiatives, all in our efforts to be more environmentally friendly.”

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