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Tribute to Sir Branford

Tribute to Sir Branford

It has been said that in life he had a golden voice, and earlier this afternoon, fellow Combermerians and others paid tribute to the late Sir Branford Taitt, in song at the Major Noott Hall, Combermere School, Waterford, St. Michael.

In an hour-long ceremony, the gathering enjoyed the melodious singing of Combermere student Mequissa Baptiste, former Combermerian, Paula Hinds, who sang — Fragile Heart and Gaye Gajadhar and Stephen Brathwaite.

The audience also enjoyed the artistry of Parnell Farley on the clarinet. Among those paying tribute were: former diplomat, Besley Maycock; former Cabinet Minister and attorney-at- Law, Keith Simmons; Basil Lavine and Sir Branford boyhood’s friend, Victor Reid.

Also attending the ceremony were: the widow of Sir Branford, Lady Colleen Taitt and other members of his immediate family; principal of the school, Vere Parris, Sir Wes Hall, Dr Waldo Waldron-Ramsay, Ed Bushell and former Cabinet member, Joseph “Johnny” Tudor.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of the hymn He Who Would Valiant Be and the Combermere School song. (NC) ††

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